Thai Lotto Tips

Thai Lotto Tips

Introduction to Thai Lottery

Thai Lottery is the most popular game and also the only lottery game which is permitted officially by Thailand government. The dream of winning a jackpot of 4 Million Baht is always in mind of every single people in Thailand. Thai lottery held twice a month, every 1st and 16th of every month. 7 years back some of my friends were on Thailand Tours and they recognized me about this lottery game as gambling is my hobby so I started to workout. Thailand is not only famous for Lottery, but Beaches, Hotels, Island and the culture of Thailand makes it a unique country with rich of all the aspects of life. It’s called “Heaven for Tourists”.

How Thailand Lottery Works?

There are two types of lottery drawings in Thailand Lottery one is 3 Digits which is called “3Up Number” and the other is 2 Digits called “Down Numbers” so the chances are more for the lottery ticket holders they can win 1 in a hindered and 1 in a thousand. One of the most interesting parts of the Thai lottery tickets is that in Thailand there is no use of electronic system to organize the lottery tickets as we all know that in western countries every lottery game is organized electronically.  There are many types of lottery systems in Thailand like “Aomsin Bank Lotto” “Thai National Lottery System” and “Pattaya Lotto” but Only Thailand National Lottery is officially allowed by Thai government.

Finding the Best Thai Lottery Tips

On this page you can find the Best Thai Lottery Tips by our professional players. Many senior players are sharing their best thai lotto tips, Thai lottery charts, Thai lottery papers for calculating the best tips to help everyone getting their best approach to pick the right numbers. After every Thai lottery drawing we compile a list of best Thai Lotto tips providers who of this site who won or tried with their best tips. You can find Thailand Lottery Results here on this page as soon the drawing happens we update the result here. “Sharing is Caring” so share your valuable thoughts and Thai lotto Tips with all of us so that we all hits the Jackpot.

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