Kalyan Matka TIps

Kalyan Matka Tips

Kalyan Matka and Mumbai Main are the forms for lottery games which are hugely popular in India and its getting more popular everyday. Kalyan Matka is not only being played in India, but its now getting popular across the world. Matka Business is called locally “Heaven for Punters & Bookies”. There are Four drawings everyday 2 drawings for Kalyan Matka and 2 for Mumbai Main. The method of playing these games is very simple In First draw of Kalyan 1 digit will be draw and in second draw the second digit will come and it will make a Pair (Jodi) for Kalyan Matka, Same pattern is for Mumbai Main. Its not a Casino or online Casino game at all where you loos all your money and someone drops you home from Casino :D

One more thing which makes Kalyan Matka popular is that the winning prize amount is pretty handsome lets say if you played a Jodi from a bookmaker for 1 Rs you will receive 90 Rs as the winning amount (Some bookies grab extra commissions so they are delivering 80 Rs :D )  There are no Online Bookies (Bookmakers) for this lottery so a person himself needs to visit the agent and they will give him a paper-slip, if a person wins then he can claim prize from the specific bookie. If there are any Trusted Online Bookies out there and you are doing business with them then please let me know and I will verify that and list him here so that if anyone want to play through Online Bookies (Bookmaker) can book their numbers (Tickets).

Why PBW?

I created this page for Kalyan Matka and Mumbai Main lovers, to help them and to get the best out of this Matka Business. I personally know many people who lost a lot of money daily on these games but then this question pops up in mind that why they are loosing, this is just because they don’t think out of box. Anyways I want Evonne to contribute his best to all the audience here who are playing Kalyan Matka and Mumbai Main games as a hobby, profession or as a Business. I will also enlighten the worst part of it that many people are making fool others by just telling them that they have “best tips for Kalyan Matka, sure single Panna, sure single Jodi blah blah blah” Don’t Trust Them, Don’t send Money to anyone“. you can also find Kalyan Matka Previous Results & Main Results on this link.

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